A wandering barbarian who aims to become the greatest warrior of the age.


Kor is a Goliath warrior who has been wandering the “world below” for a few years now. He is uneducated, impetuous, brash and quick to anger. But he is also quick to forgive and seldom holds a grudge. He is very competitive and doesn’t respect those who have never proved themselves. But he is also helpful towards his allies and is always (too) eager to take up his next challenge. He respects only strength and power and his ultimate goal is to become the greatest warrior alive.

Kor grew up in a middle-sized clan in the Skyscar Mountains. He was very strong and tough even by Goliath standards. He soon revealed skill with weapons so he joined the warriors, fighting to protect the clan from predators and enemies. He didn’t always get along with his comrades, his short temper and tendency to explode sometimes getting the better of him. He was eventually expelled for attacking and slaying a fellow warrior from the clan’s protectors.

Kor’s early days in the “world below” were very complicated. He struggled, knowing little of how to move about and take care of himself. He joined a mercenary company (The Wardens) for a time serving as both tracker and warrior. Things went well for a while but he eventually grew tired of life in a military unit. His wanderlust stirred again and he decided to abandon the company. His departure was somewhat acrimonious (the company didn’t want to lose one its most emblematic warriors). Kor demanded to leave and threatened to fight his way out. The leaders relented and Kor was allowed to leave although relations between both are complicated these days. While he was with The Wardens, he picked up the nickname “Stoneheart”.

Kor’s stint as a mercenary taught him how to handle himself in the world and since then he has wandered around working whatever jobs he finds. He found great success in gladiatorial arenas, where he fought under the name of Stoneheart. As always, however, he eventually became bored with the gladiator life. He felt no challenge and came to believe that if he is to truly become one of the greatest warriors of all time, he must face much greater foes. He has tried his hand at adventuring but things don’t always go well due to his temper.

The closest thing Kor has to a companion is the Sorcerer Jack. Jack’s charismatic ways make up for Kor’s brutish style and the half-elf has helped Kor get better accommodations and deals wherever they go. In return Kor usually backs Jack up when things get dicey. The two have recently caught a ship to the Galthag Archipelago.


Social Interactions How do others perceive you in social interactions? Reserved How optimistic are you? Grim How trusting are you? Suspicious

Decision Points How assertive are you at a decision point? Impatient How conscientious are you about following rules? Wild How empathetic are you? Hard-hearted

Dire Straits How courageous are you in dire straits? Reckless How do you feel when faced by setbacks? Driven How are your nerves? Impulsive

Kor has a great wanderlust. He is always eager to visit a new place and the best way to get him going is to offer him a new and different challenge. By contrast, he dislikes staying in one place for too long or continuously devoting himself to the same task. Beyond that, Kor is obsessed with becoming a great warrior. He will go anywhere or do anything to become more powerful. He has his own code of honour and would never cheat or do anything despicable to gain more power. If a devil came offering a deal, he’d bash its head in.

Kor’s Rage is constant, like a heartbeat. It’s always simmering beneath the surface like a hungry beast. Only after a battle does it calm down but even then, it will eventually return. Kor’s Rage often causes him to lose his temper and he often got in trouble for it back home. He has learned to harness his rage in combat but still has difficulty containing it outside.

In combat, Kor’s Rage flows loose. His eyes and markings come alive with glow. For Kor, everything else goes white and he feels nothing but the rush of combat, almost like a drug. Sometimes, he goes so far that he almost enters a vicious frenzy that’s very hard to come down from.

When not in combat, Kor’s Rage still boils. Kor mostly keeps quiet and to himself. He always stalks around, like a predator waiting for his next battle. He dislikes talking with others and prefers to be left alone. He doesn’t really care about the path he’s on as long as it offers plenty of fighting opportunities. Kor has a short temper and is easily upset. Once irritated, he almost always responds with violence. Kor also enjoys keeping score on almost everything himself, his allies and enemies do. He also has a habit to collect trophies from his strongest foes and attaching them to his clothing.


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