Illiad Realm

Illiad Civilization

The Illiad civilization is one of the newest to the continent, settlers came from the Borhna Continent in the southeast of Helares more than 900 hundred years ago. Running away from the First Mage War that generated the great desert now called Faraday Expanse. Their leader Illias Xawl followed by no more than three hundred man and women, where the first Human settlers in Helares. In only three centuries they expand from their capital Lhor to Kimo’s Peaks.

Crossing Kimo’s peaks seemed an impossible task, so the Illiad expansion followed north until they found the Goliath civilization in the Skyscar. The Goliaths were a nomadic and peaceful people, so they were the first to trade and accept with the Humans as their neighbors. But in the western part of the Skyscar, a clan of Dwarves tried to establish a stronghold on these mountains. They had come from the mountains in the Rathik Northland. But as soon as the Goliath found them, they were forced to retreat back to Rathik territory. The dwarves, full of shame and knowing they couldn’t win over the Goliath, started to shift they hate towards the newfound human civilization. The Dragonborn Empire of Fonn’an’Tal who reside beyond the Silverline, also disliked the Human race, they believed them weak, untrustworthy and unfit for rule a land.

In the first years of the tenth century an alliance between the Dwarven clans and the Fonn’an’Tal Empire was formed to drive out the Illiad civilization beyond the Youth River, which was almost half the territory they had expanded to.

The war lasted for little more than a years and many thousands human souls where lost. The Goliaths help was critical in the turning of the war. And when the elves finally responded for the assault against nature, the war was won. Orion’an’Tal, emperor of Fonn’an’Tal and precursor of the war, wasn’t ready to risk an all-out continent war. Although he didn’t want to admit defeat he magically appeared in the camp of the great Illiadic General Owen O’Neill wielding a treaty to end the war peacefully. Four days after debating for a long time, General O’Neill signed the treaty with the approval of most of the nobles and people. Only a handful of people knew the treaty contents, but whatever it was, the humans of Illiad where relieved to know that the war was finally over.

Today the Illiad capital Lhor is known as the Jewel of Helares, for it is the biggest metropolis of the continent. More than one hundred thousand people of many races live there.

The Illiad Region, now called Illiad Realms, is divided in four states; each state is ruled by the Council of Nobles of the City-State.

Each village and town are ruled by a council of elders, they represent their people and relate their needs to the Council of Nobles within each state.

The Illiad people have a unique kind of Government, the senate is divided into four equal parts, representing various aspects that the people want and deserve; Justice, Trade, Land and Freedom.

Each section has 20 spokesmen, which are chosen by the Council of Nobles every ten years. Then those 80 men have one month to choose the Statesman that will rule the Illiadic People for 10 years. Every Spokesman must be unanimous in the Choice of the Statesmen. Every decision that the Statesman make may be overruled if one complete aspect of the senate is against him. Otherwise the decision occurs normally and may affect the whole region. Although it’s usually a complicated process, the Illiad civilization has relied on it for the last seven centuries.

  • Capital: Lhor
  • Greater Cities: Youthcreek, Xawlinn, Elvewood and Trusk
  • Religion: The Celestial Pantheon – Main deities: Erathis, Pelor and Corellon
  • Population: 172000(Lhor 118000, Xawlinn 20000, Trusk 15000, Youthcreek 12000, Kolranis 7000)
  • Racial Distribution: 58% Humans, 12% Elves, 10% Half-Elves, 8% Halfling, 8% Gnomes, 2% Eladrins, 2% Other

Illiad Realm

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