Skyscar Mountains

Skyscar Mountains é uma parte do setting criada pelo Steam_punk-PC: Kor

The Skyscar Mountains are the biggest mountain range in the world. They lie at the northern end of Helares and have long been thought of as the northernmost point of the world.

Skyscar is an inhospitable place. Extreme cold, dangerous predators and deadly terrain are the only things nature has to offer there. Nonetheless, a few rare plants with alchemical applications can be only be found there.

For as long as anyone remembers the Mountains have been the home of the Goliaths, the only race that seems capable of thriving in such a place. They have claimed the entire range as their home and if one braves the higher altitudes, they can be found without much trouble.

A few small settlements are scattered near the Mountains’ base. A few small trader clans make their home there, trading mundane items for the rare herbs. There have long been rumors of great mineral wealth beneath the mountains but the Goliaths have always been violently opposed to anyone mining their home.

Skyscar Mountains

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