Short Bio

A long time ago, The Wardens helped the Fonn’an’Tal Empire deal with encroaching humans from the North. As a reward for their vital assistance, the Empire gave the Wardens a permanent mercenary commission and a fortress – the Fortress of the Wardens – to use as their home base.

Since then, the Wardens have been a permanent fixture of the Hattican Peninsula. Their presence has been useful many times, to help deal with bandits, monsters or whatever else showed up. They also occasionally get involved in nastier work, helping to quash peasant revolts and getting their hands dirty for some crooked noble or other.

The Wardens are a relatively small group (they number in the short hundreds). They have a simple military structure, based on a traditional command hierarchy (captain, lieutenants and sergeants). This gives them the advantage of everyone knowing everyone else and having solid camaraderie between every member of the company.

Currently, life is somewhat uneventful for the Wardens. They fight off the occasional monsters or bandits but for the most part, have no real excitement. And of course, simple jobs don’t pay all that well, so the leaders are currently on the lookout for a big payday of some sort. Be it legit or dirty…

  • The whole company is led by one captain. The current captain is a human named Jon Raven.
  • The company is divided into three fairly independent platoons of roughly 100 men each.
  • Each platoon is led by a lieutenant. Currently they are:
  • Halover Moonshield, an elf; Den Garshak, a half-orc; and Donar Thel, a dragonborn.
  • Each platoon is then further divided into squads, with each squad being led by a sergeant.
  • There are currently around 30 sergeants in the company.
  • A handful of squads have special tasks within the company. For instance the 10th squad is responsible for scouting operations.


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